Try Being A Video Game Review Writer And Earn Cash For Sharing Your Skills!

November 28, 2009

Become A Video Game Review Writer And Get Paid For Sharing Your Skills!

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Ever played a Video Game and loved it so much that you needed to type a fantastic review for the web to view?

Maybe you played a Nintendo Wii game that was so stupid you dreamed to smash the case over the creators noggin and inform everyone to beware this game.

Or maybe you are a Champions Online player who holds tons of fantastic knowledge to find the best quests easily and want to make a little cash from your skills.

Happy Days! There is a way for you to make some cash to buy that just released God of War Video Game for the PlayStation 3, while shouting to the creators and the universe know what you thought of your previous game night adventures.

It is a stupendous opportunity for gamers to make money by writing high-quality guides,reviews,links,articles and more!

It’s all in your hands!

For those that are new – How to get started:

1. You create gaming news, guides, game reviews and articles related to the video game industry.

2. Your submissions will be farged(voted upon) by other users, and the more Fargs your items get, the further they ascend on the front page. (So make sure you create content you know gamers will enjoy)

3. Ad views will be shared and display as the top banner image of your content page linked to your Google Adsense ID. (The top image banner is the highest followed ad!) So you earn the clicks! The more positive Fargs you get, the more exposure you get. 50% of the page views from the beginning! And it’s quick and a blast!

The Top Points to Success:

1. Don’t spam content. There seems to be tons of browsers who log in to spam gold for games. These are crushed by the users and your articles will be forever eradicated and if you do it too often, banned forever.

2. Be descriptive. The best game reviews and guides use the name of the game and key characters and secrets repeatedly in the article. These items seem to be the ones that ascend to the front page quickly.

3. Ask other users in the forums. Experience can save hours and there are F.A.Q.’s to aid you to get the highest earnings from your items.

4. Tell your friends about your creations. Publish it to your Twitter account, Facebook it, MySpace, Make an email signature to your profile. All of these strategies work amazing for building more views on your creations. More viewers = more ad clicks.

5. Make your item funny. Humor really blasts your item up to the frontpage!

So next time you feel the urge to give your feelings about that good/bad game, fire up your net browser and mash out all your joy/frustrations and get a chance to profit from your work.

Try Being A Video Game Review Writer And Earn Cash For Sharing Your Skills!


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